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Tierökologie I: Prof. Dr. Christian Laforsch, Prof. Dr. Heike Feldhaar

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Jakob OsterM. Sc.

Jakob Oster


Telefon: +49-921-55-4314
Raum: NW I,
e-Mail: Simon.oster(at)uni-bayreuth.de

Microplastic is discussed as an omnipresent stressor for environment and health. Corresponding research has initially focused on marine systems, followed by limnic, terrestrial and atmospheric systems. The methods used for microplastic analysis so far have produced data of variable quality. That is because there is a lack of reliable, validated methods and standard operating procedures. This particularly relates to ground systems. Notwithstanding the analysis of ground systems is of great importance. They are an important key area in environmental microplastic transport and represent a sink for microplastic particles. Thus, I work on the development of reliable techniques and standard operating procedures for detection, quantification and visualization of microplastic particles in soils. Since soil organisms can contribute to microplastic distribution, correspondingly developed in-situ analysis techniques are applied to the investigation of species-specific microplastic distribution in soils, as currently no insights are available in this area. This way I will provide reliable and efficient methods for microplastic analysis and clarify aspects of the abundance and distribution of microplastic particles in soils.

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