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Tierökologie I

Prof. Dr. Heike Feldhaar
Populationsökologie der Tiere

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Michael GrevéDr.

Michael Grevé


Bis 09/2019 bei Populationsökologie der Tiere
e-Mail: michael.greve(at)uni-bayreuth.de

The issue of my PhD thesis is ‘Ant communities under anthropogenic impact’. As the title implies, I investigate the impact of human disturbance on ant communities which can be manifold and lead to strong shifts in species composition and even species loss.

My main focus is on the effect of human management practices on ants in forests and grassland within the framework of the Biodiversity Exploratories. In addition, I am interested in studying functional traits of ants, especially those which might shape species communities.

Another side project is the ecology, distribution and dispersal ability the ant species Formica (Serviformica) fuscocinerea, which has the potential to form ‘supercolonies’.


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