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P 2.1Kwanghun Choi, Björn ReinekingSimulating the effect of climate change on forest dynamics of Soyang lake watershed in Korea ...mehr
P 2.2Delicia PinoDifferential seedling growth response to nutrient additions among tree species in a tropical forest in Panama ...mehr
P 2.3Julian GaviriaDoes Herbivory influence tree distribution patterns along a rainfall gradient? ...mehr
P 2.4Severin D.H. Irl, Manuel Steinbauer, Carl Beierkuhnlein, Anke JentschBurned and devoured - Or how do introduced herbivores and fire influence the endemic high-elevation flora of La Palma, Canary Islands? ...mehr
P 2.6Philipp von Gillhaußen, Uwe Rascher, Nicolai D. Jablonowski, Vicky M. TempertonUsing ecological and ecophysiological knowledge to increase bioproductivity and nutrient-use efficiency in grasslands ...mehr
P 3.1Frederik Wegener, Wolfram Beyschlag, Christiane WernerCarbon and Nitrogen Allocation Strategies Influence the Isotope Pattern of Plant Organs ...mehr
P 3.2Maren Dubbert, Katie Rascher, Christiane WernerSpecies-specific differences in temporal and spatial variation in δ13C of plant carbon pools and dark-respired CO2 under changing environmental conditions ...mehr
P 3.3Julia Köpp, Gerhard GebauerIntramolecular nitrogen isotope distribution in N2O from soil air along depth profiles in a Spruce forest (Fichtelgebirge, Germany) ...mehr
P 3.4Kavita Srivastava, Anke Jentsch, Guido WiesenbergEffect of severe drought on the molecular composition of lipids in plants and soil in the temperate grassland of central Europe ...mehr
P 3.5Heera Lee, Christina Bogner, Thomas KoellnerDoes crop diversity stabilise farmers’ income? Time Series Analysis of agro-economical data from South Korea ...mehr
P 3.6Timothy Thrippleton, Klara Dolos, George Perry, Jürgen Groeneveld, Björn ReinekingLong-term forest dynamics on Mt. Hauhungatahi, New Zealand: a forest-landscape simulation study ...mehr
P 3.7Matthias Sörgel, Andreas HeldNear surface profiles of HONO: The vegetated surface as a source and a sink ...mehr
P 3.8Katharina Kamilli, Johannes Ofner, Cornelius Zetzsch, Andreas HeldFormation of halogen-induced secondary organic aerosol (XOA) ...mehr
P 3.9Stefan Gonser, Andreas HeldCharacterization of a thermal desorption mass spectrometer for freshly nucleated secondary aerosol particles ...mehr
P 3.10Christine Hellmann, Katherine G. Rascher, Cristina Máguas, Christiane WernerCommunity 15N isoscapes: a spatially-explicit method for tracing plant-plant-interactions ...mehr
P 3.11Katherine G. Rascher, Cristina Máguas, Christiane WernerModeling canopy photosynthesis from phloem sap δ13C and xylem sap flux: model development and application in two functionally distinct tree species ...mehr
P 3.12Iris Schmiedinger, Sebastian Haas, Michael Thoma, Gebauer GerhardMeasurement of δ15N and δ18O in Nitrate from Soil Water Samples ...mehr
P 3.13Lei Han, W.-U. Palm, S. Bleicher, C. ZetzschA Langmuir-Hinshelwood Fit of Atmospheric Reactions of OH Radicals with Semivolatile, Aerosol-Borne Compounds in Chamber Experiments ...mehr