Water 4.0 – Water Monitoring, Information and Planning System in Vietnam

David Balmert1, Erich Berger1, Juan Ramirez Duval1
1 ribeka GmbH

O 10.9 in Water and environment in South East Asia

24.03.2018, 11:30-11:45, 2

The increasing demand for water resources in Vietnam intensified by competing uses such as mining, industry, agriculture and the domestic sector require urgent and sustainable solutions. A direct consequence is groundwater over-exploitation with subsequent land subsidence. Additionally, sea level rise due to climate change is progressively deteriorating water quality due to saline water intrusions.  One of the planned measures is the introduction of innovative and integrated methods and software solutions for Water Monitoring, Information and Planning in the framework of Water 4.0.  The system will feature a real-time monitoring system for relevant parameters such as water levels and water quality with corresponding evaluations and automatic reporting functionalities. In addition, it will feature a web frontend for stakeholder access as well as the connection to participative monitoring via smartphone apps. This contribution is based on ribekas engagement in current research projects in Vietnam focusing on the development and implementation of water  monitoring and management systems.            

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