1Contaminant leaching from mining and overburden dumps [Details]Schiedek, Thomas
2Mine water [Details]Christian Wolkersdorfer, Christian Melchers
3Deep geothermal energy and deep groundwater [Details]Rolf Bracke, Sebastian Fischer, Ingrid Stober
4Geothermal use of groundwater - consequences, quality control, new techniques [Details]Wolfram Rühaak, Ingo Schäfer, Peter Bayer
5Organic pollutants in groundwater [Details]Michael Altenbockum
6High groundwater - processes, risks, planning aids [Details]Stefan Simon, Bernhard Becker, Bertram Monninkhoff
7Groundwater temperatures in urban areas - monitoring, managing and understanding anthropogenic influences [Details]Peter Huggenberger, Jannis Epting, Sebastian Bauer, Falk Händel, Thomas Vienken
8Karst aquifers - new developments and methods to characterize and model dual flow systems [Details]Martin Sauter, Rudolf Liedl, Thomas Reimann, Jannes Kordilla
9Groundwater-surface water-interactions - processes and methods [Details]Christoph Merz, Nils Moosdorf, Jan Fleckenstein, Jörg Lewandowski, Gunnar Lischeid, Gudrun Massmann, Michael Schneider
10Water and environment in South East Asia [Details]Harro Stolpe
11Hydrogeology of South America and Africa [Details]Stefan Wohnlich
12Reactive transport in heterogeneous aquifers [Details]Irina Engelhardt, Olaf Cirpka
13Nitrate and the importance of denitrification for water supply [Details]Nils Cremer, Roland Schindler
14Quality and evaluation of groundwater models [Details]Johannes Riegger, Bernd Hanauer, Ulrich Lang
15Groundwater and Climate Change (co-organized by IAH-D) [Details]Johannes Barth, Steffen Bender, Markus Groth
16Drinking water and water supply [Details]Axel Bergmann
17Water reuse for groundwater recharge [Details]Thomas Track, Jörg Drewes
18Applied Hydrogeology - case studies from the federal geological surveys [Details]Bernd Leßmann
19Young Hydrogeologists forum [Details]Andre Banning