Bolch, T; Kang, S; Yao, T; Buchroithner, M; Maussion, F; Scherer, D; Huintjes, E; Schneider, C: A glacier inventory for western Nyainqentanglha Mountains and Nam Co Basin, Tibet, and glacier changes 1976-2009
Poster, 7th Sino-German Workshop on Tibetan Plateau Research, Hamburg: 03.03.2011 - 06.03.2011

Often described as Asia's "water tower", the Tibetan Plateau (TiP) is the source of many major rivers and essential to millions of people living in the surrounding regions. Like in many other parts of the world the TiP's climate shows a temperature increase latest since the mid 1950s accompanied by an increase of precipitation while glaciers receded almost throughout the entire Tibetan Plateau during recent decades. Our study area, the western Nyainqentanglha range, located in the southeastern centre of the Tibetan Plateau, is 230 km long and rises from some 5000 to 7162 m. The area is of special interest for glacioclimatological research as this region is influenced by both the continental climate of central Asia and the Indian Monsoon system and it is situated at the transition zone between temperate and subcontinental glaciers.

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