Total deposition of nitrogen and base cations to Norway spruce forests in Sweden

Per Erik Karlsson1, Cecilia Akselsson2, Martin Ferm1, Sofie Hellsten1, Hans Hultberg1, Karin Hansen1, Gunilla Pihl Karlsson1
1 IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute
2 Lund University, Department of Physical Geography and Ecosystems Analysis

P 3.7 in Fluxes between the atmosphere and ecosystems

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The wet and dry deposition of SO4, NO3, NH4 and base cations (Na, Ca, Mg, K) was estimated for 12 Norway spruce forests across Sweden, mainly sites within the SWETHRO network. The wet deposition was estimated from bulk deposition measurements, corrected for dry deposition to the samplers. The dry deposition was estimated based on a method with Teflon string samplers placed under a roof in combination with the net throughfall for sodium (throughfall subtracted by wet deposition), used as an inert marker for canopy dry deposition).

The total (wet+dry) deposition was estimated monthly for the period 2001-2008. The dry deposition of nitrate contributed substantially to the total nitrate deposition in southwest Sweden, while the dry deposition was almost zero in the northern part. Regarding ammonium, the share of dry deposition was smaller and similar throughout the country. The total annual deposition of inorganic nitrogen was up to 15 kg/ ha in southwest Sweden while it was below 1 kg/ ha in the north. The total deposition of base cations (excl Na) ranged from approximately 900 ekv/ha/yr in coastal southwest to 100 ekv/ha/yr in the north (with Na up to 3000 ekv/ha/yr). The dry deposition contribution ranged from approximately 70% in coastal southwest to below 10% in the far north.

Ferm, M., Hultberg, H. 1999. Atmospheric Environment 33, 4421-4430.

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