Seasonal changes in methane consumption in wood ant nests

Veronika Jilkova1, Jan Frouz1
1 Institute for Environmental Studies, Charles University

P 3.4 in Fluxes between the atmosphere and ecosystems

Poster Session 2 on Tuesday, 16:30-18:00

Methane (CH4) is one of the most important greenhouse gases. Wood ants could also influence CH4 oxidation in their nests thanks to high porosity, low moisture and stable temperature suitable for CH4 oxidation. In our study, we measured CH4 consumption using gas chambers placed into the slopes of six wood ant nests and forest floor. Gas samples were taken using a syringe right after the closure of the chambers, and then after 20 and 40 min every one or two months. CH4 concentrations were determined on a gas chromatograph. According to our results, wood ant nests are not suitable for CH4 consumption. CH4 concentrations in gas chambers decreased only from November to February, however, the decrease was smaller compared to the forest floor. Most probably, mineral nitrogen forms, such as ammonium, hinder activity of methanotrophic bacteria.

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