11 Weathering and chemical processes as keys to ecosystem functioning


Mark Smits (BE),
Heather Buss (UK)

Dienstag, 10:00-12:00, H20

Mineral weathering is the primary source of most elements essential to life and weathering processes play key roles in the dynamics of nutrient elements. The focus of this session is on the interactions between the living and the mineral world in soils and aquifers. Topics of interest include dissolution/precipitation, ion exchange, sorption and complexation processes. We especially encourage novel contributions that could bridge the fundamentals of geochemistry and ecosystem functioning.


Session key note speaker:

Aaron Thompson (USA)

10:00Invited Talk 11: Aaron Thompson: Timescales for perturbing the ecosystem function of soil iron
10:40Coffee Break
11:00O 11.1: Ruth Hindshaw et al.: Differences in sulfur cycling and bacterial composition in two high Arctic catchments
11:20O 11.2: Fyodor Kot et al.: On soil boron turnover in soil–plant system with emphasis on organic matter
11:40O 11.3: Judith Mehlhorn et al.: Carbon dioxide triggered metal(loid) mobilisation in a mofette

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P 11.1 Mitsuhisa Baba, Emu Shima, Toshihiro Sugiura, Koki Toyoda, Masanori Okazaki
Aluminum mobilization in nitrogen saturated Andisols under forest in Tokyo
P 11.2 Maria Chapela-Lara, Heather Buss, Philip Pogge von Strandmann
The role of weathering hotspots in decoupling surface and deep nutrient cycles
P 11.3 Lilli Kaarakka, Heljä-Sisko Helmisaari, Aino Smolander, Antti-Jussi Lindroos
Long-term soil recovery from sprinkling infiltration
P 11.4 Chukwudi Nwaogu, Pereponova Anna, Šillerová Hana, Farkaš Juraj, Krám Pavel, Štědrá Veronika, Jarchovský Tomáš
Weathering Profiles of Alkaline Earth Metals in Base-Poor Forest Ecosystem: Lysina, Slavkov Forest, Czech Republic
P 11.5 Anna Pereponova, Pavel Krám, Hanna Šilerova, Juraj Farkas, Veronika Štedra, Chukwudi Nwaogu
Mobility and biogeochemical cycling of major base cations (Mg, Ca) and toxic metals (Ni, Cr) in ultramafic rocks dominated ecosystem: Pluhuv Bor, Slavkov Forest, Czech Republic
P 11.6 Daria Yablonskaya, Tatiana Lubkova, Tatiana Shestakova, Olga Oleinikova
Geochemical research of copper speciation in landscapes porphyry copper deposits (Western Chukotka, Russia)

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