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Tenhunen, JD; Kabat, P: Integrating hydrology, ecosystem dynamics, and biogeochemistry in complex landscapes in Tenhunen, JD and Kabat, P: Dahlem Workshop Series, Wiley, Chichester, 1-367 (1999)
Part of the popular Dahlem Workshop Series, this book reflects the need for a new understanding of the regulation of wter, carbon, and nitrogen cycles within complex landscapes as well as a need for models which can provide the basis for resource mangagement.
Incorporating a unique interdisciplinary research, it critically examines the integrative experimental, observational and modelling approaches that describe hydrology, biogeochemical cycles and ecosystem dynamics, especially with regard to feedback control. Looking to determine means by which new types of systems descriptions can aid in assessing the consequences of particular landscape structure, its main focus is on achieving a realistic, process-based understanding of controls of water, carbon and nitrogen cycles at relatively large "regional" scales (100 - 10,000 km2.
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