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Alewell, C; Manderscheid, B; Lükewille, A; Koeppe, P; Prenzel, J: Describing Soil SO42- dynamics in the solling roof project with two different modelling approaches, Water, Air and Soil Pollution, 85, 1801-1806 (1995)
The release of previously stored soil SO42- is tightly connected with the reversibility of soil and water acidification. Thus soil SO42- dynamics have to be included when predicting the reversibility of acidification. Our aim was to compare two modelling approaches: The model MAGIC (Cosby et al., 1985) describes SO42- dynamics with the Langmuir sorption isotherme. In the SO-MODEL (Prenzel, 1991) a precipitation/ dissolution of jurbanite is defined.Even though it was possible to calibrate both models to lysimeter data of the Solling D1 site in 1 m depth, the prognosis for SO42- concentrations in the soil solution differed significantly. While MAGIC predicted the observed gradual decrease of SO42- concentration with decreasing deposition, the SO-MODEL calculated stable concentrations up to the year 2026 followed by a sudden drop. Because the prognosis established with the SO-MODEL is incompatible with observed field data, we concluded that the predicted SO42- dynamic of the SO-MODEL was unrealistic.
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