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Faculty for Biology, Chemistry and Earth Sciences

Department Soil Ecology - Prof. Dr. Eva Lehndorff

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Offered Master Thesis

Biologische Stickstoff-Fixierung in patagonischen Mooren more...

Contact: Werner Borken

Biomasse, Umsatz und Abbau von Aerenchym-Wurzeln vasculärer Pflanzen in Mooren (Chile, Deutschland) more...

Contact: Werner Borken

CO2 and N2O fluxes in space and time

Contact: Bettina Haas, Nele Meyer

Q10 – temperature sensitivity of soil respiration depending on depth and land use

Contact: Bettina Haas, Nele Meyer

Stickstoff- und Phosphortranslokation zwischen Boden und Totholz durch saprotrophe Pilze

Contact: Werner Borken

Topsoil vs. Subsoil – Soil organic carbon dynamics in different land uses over the year

Contact: Bettina Haas, Nele Meyer

Deep Carbon in Chernozems in Germany - a chemical characterization

In Chernozoms Carbon is stored in very thick soil horizons. What is its origin? Did it derive from above-ground or below-ground biomass such as roots? Use soil chemistry to solve this! (C,N, Lignin, Suberin)

Contact: Eva Lehndorff

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