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Environmental Psychology Conference

So. 09.09.2007-Mi. 12.09.2007

Kontakt: Franz X. Bogner

Environmental Psychology Conference

The 7th biennial conference of Environmental Psychology (Division of the German Association of Psychology) (7. Tagung der Fachgruppe Umweltpsychologie) will take place in Bayreuth, Germany

from September, 9th-12th, 2007.

The conference will include the following topics:
Environmental Psychology (Classical domains [e.g. Perception Psychology, Architectural Psychology, Environmental/Crowding Stress, Personal Space, Territoriality]; Affiliated areas [e.g. Virtual Reality, Persuasive Technology, Investigative Psychology, Media Psychology, Human Factors], Education)
Conservation Psychology
(Models, Application [Promotion, Education, Policy Making], Methodology, Interdisciplinarity, Dilemmata)

Papers from all areas of environmental and conservation psychology including the educational aspects are welcome (Deadline for submissions: April, 15th, 2007). Conference language will be English.
Renowned scientists within the field of Environmental and Conservation Psychology will give keynote addresses.
Bayreuth is the well-known city of Richard Wagner [19th century] and of the Markgrafen (especially the Markgräfin Wilhelmine [18th century]). There will be also plenty of opportunity to meet with colleagues and peers.
Conference host is the Institute of Biology Didactics, University Bayreuth.
For more information, see later-on http://www. bayceer.uni-bayreuth.de/didaktik-bio/news
or write an email to: EP2007@bayceer.uni-bayreuth.de

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