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EU: STTAE: Science Teachers Training across Europe (2003-2005)

Lehrer & Schule (5)

Von 10/2003 bis 09/2005

The focus of the project will be to observe and evaluate the structure of science teacher education and therefore design and test an innovative and effective training framework. The project will last two years and it aims to contribute to the improvement of the quality of science teaching. The partnership does not intent to develop a common science teachers’ training curriculum for all European counties. The partnership -through an extended survey- aims to develop a series of main principles and standards that could be applied to the different national training curricula across Europe, taking into account and respect the differences and the diversity of the existing systems and approaches. The partnership aims to develop a framework that will give common answers to common European problems in the field of science education. In order to meet its objectives the project will evolve through the following steps: Identification of the science teachers’ competences Correlation survey on the existing training systems Identification of successful approaches – case studies across Europe Assessment of the exemplary models in different environments (teachers’ preparation institutions, schools) across Europe Design and Development of a common training framework Determination of the science teachers standards Determination of the science teachers professional standards.

Homepage: http://www.ea.gr/ep/pathway/

Publikationsliste dieses Projekts

Sotiriou, S; Bogner, FX: (Editors) (214 pages) The Pathway to High Quality Science Teaching, (2005)
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