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EU-METASCHOOL: Enhancing Teachers' Skills and Competencies on the Use of Metadata, Learning Resources and Learning Repositories

Computer im Unterricht (3)

Von 10/2008 bis 10/2010

Mitarbeiter: Anne Liefländer

The aim of the METASCHOOL project is to demonstrate an innovative approach that will help teachers acquire and reinforce such skills and knowledge so that they make best use of the new opportunities offered by the digital content that it is available on the web. The proposed project aims to achieve that through the development, testing and implementation of a training scheme that will improve the uptake, sharing and reuse of digital learning resources in schools. The project aims to offer a “feel and interact” user experience to the participating teachers, based on the implementation of a set of demonstrators (Training Activities), employing the use of digital content and educational scenarios available on the web in order to enhance the effectiveness and quality of the teaching and learning process. The scenarios of use will vary significantly in order to cover the different teachers’ needs. For example an individual teacher’s content needs and objectives can vary considerable from day to day. A teacher may look for content for classroom use, for lesson planning, for home study or for supporting an educational visit to a museum, to a science center or a field trip. Each of these scenarios requires content with different characteristics. An online exercise indented for teachers to give out as homework will need to be designed for individual learning, for instance, whereas an activity designed for use in the classroom would be better tailored for whole class or group teaching. Each scenario will be accompanied with supportive material for the teachers. The material will include links to the normal school curriculum, guidelines, and sample worksheets for the students, as well as references and additional information. The content of the scenarios will be presented in an open and modular way allowing for additions and improvements at any time. The METASCHOOL training scenarios will be tested and evaluated in real conditions during the implementation and validation phase of the project and will be optimized according to the teachers’ feedback. It has to be noted that the consortium members have already perform significant work in the field by designing, implementing and evaluating scenarios in real settings. Additionally in the framework of the eContentPlus projects, COSMOS and Organic.EduNet a significant number of scenarios and educational material has been already developed and is already in use by teachers in Europe. The educational portals of these two major projects will form the main pool of the material that will be used in the framework of the proposed project.

Homepage: http://www.ea.gr/ep/metaschool/

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