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Wiseman, M; Wilson, G; Bogner, FX: Environmental Values and Authoritarianism, Psychology Research, 2(1), 25-31 (2012)

The present study examines relationships between the environmental values of P (preservation) and U (utilization) as measured by the 2-MEV(2-Factor Model of Environmental Values) scale (Wiseman & Bogner, 2003; Bogner & Wiseman, 2006), and authoritarianism, measured as a factor extracted from a shortened set of items adapted from the Wilson-Patterson conservatism scale (Wilson & Patterson, 1968; Wilson, 1973). Respondents were 368 university students of Southern Germany. The study reports a negative correlation between authoritarianism and preservation and a positive correlation between authoritarianism and utilization. This result is interpreted in terms of the aggressive and self-serving nature of those scoring high on the tough-minded brand of conservatism assessed by the authoritarianism factor.
Keywords: environmental values, utilization, preservation, sets of attitudes, authoritarianism

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