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Kaiser, FG; Hübner, G; Bogner, FX: Contrasting the Theory of Planned Behavior with the Value-Belief-Norm Model in Explaining Conservation Behavior, Journal of Applied Social Psychology, 35, 2150-2170 (2005)
This paper, we compare the value-belief-norm (VBN) model and the theory of planned behavior (TPB) empirically in their capability to explain conservation behavior. Based on survey data, we aim at providing further evidence for a striking attitude-behavior relation, when research is based on highly aggregated, compound measures. The participants represent a convenience sample of 468 students from a German pedagogical university. Structural equation analyses reveal both models to fit the data acceptably well. Evidence shows for both theories a remarkable explanatory power: TPB's intention accounts for 95% of general conservation behavior, VBN's personal norms for 64%. From an empirical point of view, we must, however, conclude that the VBN theory is not well specified. TPB identifies the relations among its concepts more properly--and more sufficiently in respect to proportions of explained variances--than its counterpart.
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