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Geier, CS; Bogner, FX: Student-centred anti-smoking education: Comparing a classroom-based versus an out-of-school setting., Learning Environments Research, 13(2), 147-157 (2010)
The present study monitored a pupil-centred educational anti-smoking intervention programme with 5th graders by focussing on their cognitive achievement and intrinsic motivation. In order to assess the potential influence of the setting on self-directed learning, the intervention was conducted in two different learning environments: a classroom-based group received an intervention in class at school and an out-of-school group had the identical intervention in an outreach setting at a youth camp. A control group was unsubjected to any specific intervention. The empirical measurement originated from an achievement test and the `Intrinsic Motivation Inventory´. Although in both learning settings similar cognitive levels were achieved, the out-of-school group showed a higher rate of decrease in cognitive achievement and lower intrinsic motivation scores for interest and perceived choice, but with gender effects. This empirical study adds new evidence to student-centred learning schemes in different learning environments; this is especially true in an interdisciplinary context.
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