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ECOLE-1: Emotional and Cognitive Aspects of Learning (2000-2004)

Environment/Biodiversity (1)

From 10/2000 to 09/2004

Staff: Christoph Randler

The school-based research project ECOLE-1 combined different theoretical basic approaches of emotion research and teaching methodology. Thereby, cooperation of emotional and cognitive aspects was a specific issue of research by integrating learning psychology and teaching methodology on an innovative level. An important sub-project dealt with scientific lessons at school (Biology, Physics). During the specific lessons short-term emotions and long-term learning processes were analysed on-site. Additionally, the proviso was given that the head topic sustainability might attain more the focus of an adolescent life than conventional scientific subjects. The research project altogether funded six qualification parts (normally PhD positions).


List of publications of this Project

Randler, C; Bogner, FX: Cognitive achievement of group-based hands-on identification skill training, Journal of Biological Education, 40(4), 161-166 (2006) -- Details
Gläser-Zikuda, M; Fuß, S; Laukenmann, M; Metz, K; Randler, C: Promoting students‘ emotions and achievement – conception and evaluation of the ECOLE approach, Learning and Instruction, 15(5), 481-495 (2005) -- Details
Randler, C; Bogner, FX: Comparing methods of instruction using bird species identification skills as indicators, Journal of Biological Education, 36/4, 2-9 (2002) -- Details
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