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Faculty for Biology, Chemistry and Earth Sciences

Department of Biology Education - Prof. Dr. Franz X. Bogner

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FIELD COURSE Learning (National park, Field Centres)

Environment/Biodiversity (1)

From 03/2008 to 04/2012

Staff: Alida Kossack, N. N.

Outdoor education is a tradition in biology teaching although its characteristics have changed over the decades. Based on a real contact with nature, it is accepted that this experience-orientated education leads to better results than conventional, mostly teacher-centred approaches. Some studies already have been proven that outdoor education especially benefits younger students and low achievers. These and similar results point to the fact that learning of biological knowledge employing primary experiences can obviously lead to better results than teaching the same objective by employing secondary experiences using, for example, communication media or verbal illustration. That’s why the influence of outdoor teaching cannot only be judged by checking the knowledge but also by considering changed attitudes. Outdoor education surveys are more complicated to undertake than ones in conventional classrooms because the specific aim is more than just testing acquired knowledge: Measuring attitudes, its changes or individual behaviour always is a complicated approach although most practitioners have strong faith regarding substantial success of outdoor education. The availability of empirical measures specifically allows approaching different student populations. Cooperation with Outdoor Ecology Education: National parks (Bayerischer Wald and Müritz), Schweizer Bund für Naturschutz (Pro Natura), Parc Naturell d’Auvergne, Schullandheim Licherode/Hessen, Zooschule Hellabrunn München.

List of publications of this Project

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