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Faculty for Biology, Chemistry and Earth Sciences

Department of Biology Education - Prof. Dr. Franz X. Bogner

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EU: CONNECT: The Classroom of Tomorrow (2004-2007)

ICT (3)

From 11/2004 to 10/2007

Staff: Heike Sturm

Design the classroom of tomorrow by using advanced technologies to connect formal and informal learning environments, thus proposing an educational reform in science teaching. The project will create a network of museums, science centres and schools across Europe, to develop, apply and evaluate learning schemes by pointing to a future hybrid classroom that builds on the strengths of formal and informal strategies within the proposed approach the fields of instructional technology, educational systems design and museum education are involved. It will explore the integration of physical and computational media for the design of interactive learning environments to support learning about complex scientific phenomena. The project will be implemented in a Virtual Science Thematic Park, that will provide access to educational and scientific resources. The CONNECT project will evolve through a systematic, multi-step assessment process involving the collection and interpretation of data.

Homepage: http://www.connect-project.net/

List of publications of this Project

Sturm, H: Motivationale Variablen und Wissenserwerb beim Lernen an Stationen zum Thema "Vogelflug und Auftrieb im Biologieunterricht", (2007) -- Details
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