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Faculty for Biology, Chemistry and Earth Sciences

Department of Biology Education - Prof. Dr. Franz X. Bogner

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EU: OIKOS: Originating Innovative methods to learn and teach Knowledge in the field of earth and natural sciences

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From 12/2005 to 12/2008

Staff: Cathérine Conradty

The objective of the OIKOS project will be on providing a mechanism for allowing science teachers, science professionals, education specialists and associated experts (with particular attention to earth sciences) from across Europe to exchange ideas, techniques, and methods to supplement existing science curricula and educational strategies in order to increase the attractiveness and relevance of earth science studies in schools and in all other contexts, formal or non-formal. The project involves existing science teachers’ networks and the use of internet resources to ensure the widest possible dissemination of the shared and newly acquired knowledge among the science teaching profession and associated professions. In the light of this fact, OIKOS provides an openly accessible resource infrastructure. The project aims to analyse and understand how science is taught, and how to improve its teaching by means of the combination of expertise across relevant professions (science education, research, technology and industry). Finally, OIKOS aims to develop and test new methods and training resources that can be applied to the specific subject of earth sciences, taking into account a broad view of science, including its social and economic context. The results of OIKOS will be used primarily by a European Target Group composed of the following: (i) Teachers of earth sciences operating in primary and secondary schools; (ii) Teachers, trainers and other facilitators of earth sciences operating in other settings, formal or non-formal; (iii) Science teachers, science professionals, education specialists and associated experts;And, in an indirect way, by: (iv) Students.

Homepage: http://www.e-oikos.net

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