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Health (2)

From 11/2005 to 03/2009

Staff: Christine Geier

The specific project is embedded in the large-scale EU- research project BIOHEAD (Biology, Health and Environmental Education for better Citizenship) and focuses on health education, in particular on basic approaches for the prevention of smoking in schools. “What does a cigarette actually contain?” “What happens inside the body during smoking?” And “how can I stay cool without smoking?” These questions and others have to be answered in biology lessons. An aim of this project is the development, implementation and evaluation of an appropriate intervention unit pointing to 5th graders. The children actively deal with the specific topic in self-relicent learning on working stations. Thereby, reconnaissance, information and life competence is mediated in a playful and demonstrative way connected with appropriate experiments. The interventions’ intent aims towards a non-smoking-status, towards a delay of any smoking start and towards preventing from consumption of other, potentially illegal drugs. The current background is the imminent introduction of “smoke free schools” in Bavaria (2006). In this context, our institute cooperates with the institution Universitaire de Formation des Maîtres (IUFM; working group of Prof. Dr. Jourdan) in Clermont-Ferrand (Frankreich). Many of these schools over there are already far advanced by comparison. The regular participation of the meetings within the “addiction-working-group Bayreuth” delivers new basic approaches of practical health education. In the context of this project, the campaign “Freedom since 12: smoking, drinking, etc.” will be supported.

List of publications of this Project

Geier, CS; Bogner, FX: Learning at workstations. Students’ satisfaction, attitudes towards cooperative learning and intrinsic motivation., Journal for Educational Research Online, 3(2), 3-14 (2011)
Geier, CS; Bogner, FX: Student-centred anti-smoking education: Comparing a classroom-based versus an out-of-school setting., Learning Environments Research, 13(2), 147-157 (2010) -- Details
Geier, CS: Gesundheitsförderung an Schulen am Beispiel von Rauchprävention bei Schüler/innen der 5. Jahrgangsstufe an Gymnasien, (2009) -- Details
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