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EU: Inspiring Science Learning in Science Museums and Science Centers (EXPLOAR)

ICT (3)

From 11/2007 to 10/2009

Staff: Sabine Pöhnl

The project aims to develop a model that will support science teachers in becoming more effective through a continuous enhancement process that stretches from pre-service experiences to the end of the professional career. The proposed training framework will provide continuous professional development for science teachers through selected opportunities to develop an understanding of how students with diverse interests, abilities, and experiences make sense of scientific ideas, to study and engage in research on science teaching and learning and to share with colleagues/peers what they have learned. The models are based on integration of in-service enhancement.
The Objectives of this Lifelong Learning Programme focus on an development of a long-term in-service training programme for professional development that will support teachers and encourage permeation of innovative teaching methods and approaches within current educational systems. The aim of the partnership is to demonstrate a process that will support teachers to lead and direct the processes of change and meaningful educational intervention independent of the partly very diverse system structures of the member states, extracting innovative elements of one member country and modifying it for use within another.
The project focuses on science teaching which may provide a common ground for intercultural dialogue because common grounds exists as a consequence of the commonality of the scientific content knowledge shared by the members, although it may be approached differently due to various separate traditions. The gender equality issue is an ongoing concern. Likewise, personal fulfilment (for science teachers) is heavily based on professionalism in the different and diverse content knowledge (which in science is changing constantly and quickly during a teacher’s life time). Various issues, for instance, in matters of physics or genetics, also require a very active citizenship for both the teacher and for promoting successful learners, confident individuals and responsible young citizens.
Finally, the proposed project will demonstrate how new media and ICT can be used to bridge the gap between formal and informal educational settings to put forward ideas for collaborative activities and projects between schools, science centres and museums, aiming not only to increase young peoples interest in science but also to increase the intrinsic motivation to learn science at school. The project will strengthen the links between science education and research, and improve communication and the development of resources material, to improve the exchange of knowledge and know-how at the European level between science teachers and the research community.

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