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Environment/Biodiversity (1)

From 01/2009 to 09/2012

Staff: Daniela Sellmann

“Wie im Treibhaus!” – Environmental education on global climate change

In times of global change, the importance of environmental education is again gaining. This is especially true for intervening with exceeding cognitive knowledge with regard to adolescent attitudes, values and even behaviour changing. Within this context we developed an environmental education programme on global climate. It focuses on imparting knowledge and enhancing emotional connectedness with nature. Since students often feel helpless facing global problems like climate change the programme also provides them with options for climate protecting actions. The 2-day programme consisted of student-centred learning units based on learning at workstations, group work and inquiry-based lab experiments. Apart from imparting knowledge the programme units were designed to provide students with climate protection actions. The first day of our programme is conducted in the classroom and consists of learning at workstations. The unit imparts basic knowledge on global climate change, its causes, mechanisms, and impacts. The second programme day takes place in the Ecological-Botanical Garden of Bayreuth offering plants from all dominant climate zones in nature-orientated environments. Indoor and outdoor units are combined by using the public greenhouses as well as the outdoor area of the botanical garden. The unit presents different ecosystems to the students and deals with various topics concerning the impact of global climate change on vegetation. During the third unit of the programme students conduct inquiry-based lab experiments dealing with simple climatic and physical phenomena related to global climate change.

List of publications of this Project

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Sellmann, D: Umweltbildung zum Thema Klimawandel im botanischen Garten: Wissen, Einstellungen und Konzepte von Jugendlichen, (2012) -- Details
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