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EU: Kicking Life into Classroom (KLiC)

ICT (3)

From 01/2010 to 11/2011

Staff: Alexandra Kibbe



KLiC (Kicking Life into Classroom)

[10 Partners from GR, DE, A, UK,SE, RO] Call: EAC/31/08

The KLiC focuses on
a) Teach science through the use of advanced technological applications. The new technology offers to the learners a unique possibility to use high-end technological products in their every day life. The project is ideally suited to help young people and adults learn to use the Internet and computers in a scientific environment and is designed to promote independent and creative activity.
b) Transform the classroom to an experimental laboratory for all. The learners perform experiments with their own data. In this way their activities are transformed to scientific experiments and their classroom or sports ground is transformed into a scientific laboratory. Such activities are viewed by the young & adult learners as a craft that rewards dedication and precision but simultaneously encourages a spirit of creativity, exuberance, humour, stylishness and personal expression.
c) Reinforce interdisciplinary approaches in the process of learning. The project focuses on interdisciplinary education. This approach supports that educational experiences should be authentic and encourage students to become active learners, discover and construct knowledge. Authentic educational experiences are those that reflect real life, which is multifaceted rather than divided into neat subject-matter packages. The educational context of the KLiC project is not transmitted in a theoretical way but rather in an experimental way in the form of a real life experience.

Homepage: http://www.klic-project.eu/

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