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Faculty for Biology, Chemistry and Earth Sciences

Department of Biology Education - Prof. Dr. Franz X. Bogner

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Nina Roczen: Publications

Research papers (peer-reviewed)
Roczen, N; Kaiser, FG; Bogner, FX; Wilson, M: A Competence Model for Environmental Education, Environment & Behavior, 46(8), 972-992 (2014)
Brügger, A; Kaiser, F; Roczen, N: One for all: Connectedness to nature, inclusion of nature, environmental identity, and implicit association with nature., European Psychologist(in press) (2012)
Roczen, N; Duvier, C; Bogner, FX; Kaiser, F: The search for potential origin of a favourable attitude towards nature Psyecology, Bilingual Journal of Environmental Psychology, 3(3), 341-352 (2012)
Roczen, N; Kaiser, F; Bogner, FX: Umweltkompetenz - Modellierung, Entwicklung und Förderung [Environmental competency - Modeling, development, and promotion], Zeitschrift für Pädagogik, 56(Beiheft), 126-134 (2010) -- Details
Roczen, N; Kaiser, FG; Bogner, FX: Leverage for sustainable change: Motivational sources behind ecological behavior. in V. Corral-Verdugo, C. H. Garcia-Cadena & M. Frias- Armenta (Eds.): Psychological approaches to sustainability: Current trends in theory, research and applications., Hauppauge, NY Nova Science, 109-124 (2010)
Kaiser, FG; Roczen, N; Bogner, FX: Competence Formation in Environmental Education: Advancing Ecology-Specific Rather Than General Abilities, Umweltpsychologie, 12(2), 56-70 (2008)
Roczen, N: Environmental competence - The interplay between connection with nature and environmental knowledge in promoting ecological behavior, (2011)
Contributions in proceedings
Roczen, N; Bogner, FX: Environmental competence - intellectual and motivational sources for conservation behavior, Proceedings: 39th annual conference of the Ecological Society of Germany, Austria and Switzerland, Bayreuth, 221 (2009)
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