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Bogner, FX; Brengelmann, JC; Wiseman, M: Risk-taking and Environmental Perception, The Environmentalist, 20, 49-62 (2000)
This paper investigates the relationship between pupils’ environmental perception (in terms of preservation and utilisation of nature) and personality (in terms of risk-taking). 713 secondary school pupils in Switzerland were investigated. Environmental perception was assessed via three factors: ‘Preservation’, ‘Utilisation of Nature’ and ‘Consideration for Conservation’. Risk-taking was evaluated via six factors: ‘Positive Risking’, ‘Ambivalence’, ‘Thrill in Gambling’, ‘Ineffective Control’, ‘Effective Control’, and ‘Anger Reaction’. Analysis of the correlation matrix between ‘Risk-taking’ and ‘Environmental perception’ revealed three profiles (‘types’): the high scorer on ‘Preservation’ is the controlled and cautious gambler. The ‘Utiliser’ (anthropocentric) profile is essentially a mirror image of the first: the ‘Utiliser’ does not enjoy unpredictable risks, reacts with anger when risks fail and has little control over his/her own risk-taking behaviour. The ‘Consideration for Conservation’ (ecocentric) profile assumes a position between these two profiles.
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