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Faculty for Biology, Chemistry and Earth Sciences

Department of Biology Education - Prof. Dr. Franz X. Bogner

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List of publications

On this page only publications from 2004 are displayed. For publications before 2004 please visit the staff pages.

Publications of the year 2020

Research papers (peer-reviewed)
Conradty, C; Sofoklis, S; Bogner, FX: How Creativity in STEAM Modules Intervenes withSelf-Efficacy and Motivation, Education Sciences, 10(3), 70 (2020), doi:10.3390/educsci10030070
Marth, M; Bogner, FX: Technology Interest of Secondary School Students at Five Testing Points over one Complete School Year after Participating at a Student-Centered Learning Program about Bionics, International Journal of Learning, Teaching and Educational Research, 19(2), 94-111 (2020), doi:org/10.26803/ijlter.19.2.7
Maurer, M; Bogner, FX: Modelling environmental literacy with environmental knowledge, valuesand (reported) behaviour, Studies in Educational Evaluation, 65(100863) (2020), doi:10.1016/j.stueduc.2020.100863
Maurer, M; Bogner, FX: First steps towards sustainability? University freshmen perceptions on nature versus environment., PlosOne, 15(6), e0234560 (2020), doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0234560
Maurer, M; Koulouris, P; Bogner, FX: Green Awareness in Action — How Energy Conservation Action Forces on Environmental Knowledge , Values and Behaviour in Adolescents ’ School Life., Sustainability, 12(3), 955 (2020), doi:10.3390/su12030955
Otto, S; Körner, F; Marschke, B A; Merten, M J; Brandt, S; Sotiriou, S; Bogner, FX: Deeper learning as integrated knowledge and fascination for Science, International Journal of Science Education, 42(5), 807-834 (2020), doi:10.1080/09500693.2020.1730476
Schmid, S; Bogner, FX: Predicting long-term recall abilities of content knowledge by using students’ effort scores in a structured inquiry-unit, Education Research International(in press) (2020)
Schneiderhan, J; Bogner, FX: The relation between knowledge acquisition and environmental values within the scope of a biodiversity learning module, Sustainability, 12(5), 2036 (2020), doi:10.3390/su12052036
Schneiderhan, J; Bogner, FX: How fascination for biology is associated with students’ learning in a biodiversity citizen science project, Studies in Educational Evaluation, 66(100892) (2020), doi:10.1016/j.stueduc.2020.100892
Schneiderhan, J; Bogner, FX: FutureForest – Promoting Biodiversity Literacy by Implementing Citizen Science in the Classroom, The American Biology Teacher, 82(4), 234-240 (2020), doi:10.1525/abt.2020.82.4.234
Schönfelder, M; Bogner, FX: Between Science Education and EnvironmentalEducation: How Science Motivation Relates toEnvironmental Values, Sustainability, 12(5), 1968 (2020), doi:10.3390/su12051968
Stöckert, A; Bogner, FX: Environmental Values and Technology Preferences of First-Year University Students, Sustainability, 12(1), 62 (2020) [Link]
Thuneberg, H; Salmi, H; Bogner, FX: How creativity, autonomy and visual reasoning contributes to cognitive learning in a STEAM hands-on inquiry-based Math module, Thinking Skills and Creativity(in press) (2020)
Torkar, G; Fabijan, T; Bogner, FX: Students’ Care for Dogs, Environmental Attitudes, and Behaviour, Sustainability, 12(4), 1317 (2020), doi:10.3390/su12041317
Maurer, M: Unterricht in nachhaltiger Entwicklung: Vorstellungen und Wirkungsmessungen, (2020)
Schneiderhan, J: Biodiversitätsbildung am Beispiel des Ökosystems Wald - Eine empirische Studie zum Erwerb biodiversitätsbezogenen Wissens unter dem Einfluss von Umwelteinstellungen und Faszination, (2020)

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