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The Environment and I (2)


Dear student,

thank you for participating in this science project.

This questionnaire will be treated strictly confidential.

Your teacher will not read or grade your answers.

Please work on your own by rating your feelings, thoughts, or habits by answering the questions below.

Please respond to each question by only marking one box.


Thank you!



Do you agree that:

Strongly disagreeDisagreeNot sureAgreeStrongly agree
To feed people, nature must be cleared to grow food.
Society will continue to solve even the biggest environmental problems.
Human beings are more important than other creatures.
Worrying about the environment often holds up development projects.
We must set aside areas to protect endangered species.
I enjoy sitting at a pond watching dragonflies.
Humankind will die out if we don’t live in tune with nature.
People have the right to change the environment (nature).
Industrial smoke from chimneys makes me angry.
People worry too much about pollution.
Only plants and animals of economic importance need to be protected.
Our planet has unlimited resources.
I try to tell others that nature is important.
Nature is always able to restore itself.
Weeds are as important as beautiful flowers.



Do you agree that:

NoYesNot sure
As a child, I spent time outdoors.
I personally take care of plants.
Walking through a forest or wilderness area makes me forget about my daily worries.
My favorite place is in nature.
I feel the need to be out in nature.
I prefer living in a city.
I enjoy gardening.
Sounds of animals are comforting.
If there is an insect at home, I try to catch and release it outdoors.
If one of my plant dies, I reproach myself.
Carving a tree feels like cutting myself.



Please indicate to what degree each statement corresponds to your personal view by marking one answer.

Why are you doing things for the environment?

Strongly disagreeDisagreeNot sureAgreeStrongly agree
Because it’s a good idea to do something about the environment.
For the joy I experience while I find new ways to improve the environment.
Because I like the feeling when I do things for the environment.
Because my friends insist that I do it.
For the recognition I get from others.
To avoid being criticized.
I don’t know. I can’t see what I’m getting out of it.
Because being environmentally conscious has become a part of who I am.
Because it’s a sensible thing to do.
I can’t see how my efforts are helping the environmental situation.
Because it’s part of the way I want to live my life.
Because it’s a reasonable thing to help the environment.
I’d regret not doing something for the environment.
For the pleasure I get from helping the environment.
Because other people will be upset if I don’t.
Because taking care of the environment and of myself are inseparable.
Because I would feel bad if I didn’t do anything for the environment.
Because taking care of the environment is an important part of my life.
Because I would feel guilty if I didn’t.
For the joy I feel while I am mastering new ways to help the environment.
I don’t know. I’m wasting time doing things for the environment.
I don’t know. The situation is not improving.
Because it’s a way I want to help the environment.
Because I would feel ashamed if I did nothing for the environment.



Please indicate how often you do the following:

I insist on vacations close to home.
If I am offered a plastic bag in a store, I take it.
I save water by taking a shower instead of a bath.
I ask my parents to buy seasonal produce.
I order take-out pizza.
For making notes, I take paper that is already used on one side.
I put used batteries in the garbage.
I read books, publications, and other materials about environmental problems.
I try to persuade my parents to buy an energy-efficient car.
I have pointed out unenvironmental behavior to someone.
I contribute financially to environmental organizations.
I get up early to watch the sunrise.
Watching animals is exciting.
I collect berries or other fruits.
I help animals cross the street.
I consciously watch or listen to birds.
I cross meadows or grassy areas barefoot.
I hike or run in nearby nature reserves or forests.
I watch TV shows that have animals as main characters.
I have audios with sounds of nature.
I take time to watch the clouds pass by.
I take time to consciously smell flowers.
I take pictures of nature such as stones, butterflies, or insects and leave nothing but footprints.
I take time to watch stars at night.
Indoor plants are part of the family.
I prefer spending time with friends rather than being alone in nature.
Even when it is very cold or rainy, I go out for a walk.
I spend time in a park.
I talk to animals.
I enjoy trips to the countryside and nature.
I talk to plants.
I mimic the sounds of animals.



How often do you talk about school at home?

Once every few weeks
Once per week
Two or three times per week
Every day


My science grades are:

Not so good
Very good


What is your gender?

I prefer not to respond


How old are you?

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