The effect of iron(III)-sulfide interactions on electron transfer processes in anoxic aquifers

FOR 580 PEI/2

Projektleiter: Stefan Peiffer
Mitarbeiter: Moli Wan
Bewilligung: FOR 580 PEI/1 Forschergruppe etrap

The interaction between iron (oxyhydr)oxides and dissolved sulfide is of great importance in aquifers and has been widely studied. In the first phase of the project, interactions between sulfide and different iron oxides like lepidocrocite and goethite at neutral pH have been investigated. Main products such as surface associated iron sulfide (FeS), elemental sulfur and iron bisulfide (FeS2) have been identified and the pathways of different transformations at mineral surface have been discussed. However, it leaves a question whether there are other intermediated products and how important they are in the iron-sulfide interactions and electron transfer processes between iron species and sulfur species. This part of the project is to investigate the intermediated products, particularly polysulfide species and their roles in the electron transfer processes. To this end, we will continue to study the reaction between sulfide and ferric oxides in the laboratory both in the presence and absence of DOM, focusing on the kinetics of transformation such as formation of iron bisulfide, using modern analysis.

Letzte Änderung 23.02.2011