2 Aquifer systems in Europe and beyond

Chair: Johannes Barth, Judith Flügge

Thursday, 14:15 - Friday, 10:15, Audimax B, Geb. 30.95

The session opens the opportunity to present aquifer systems and hydrogeological issues in an international context with a focus on European and trans-boundary aquifer systems. However it also welcomes contributions about aquifers of other regions worldwide. Presentations are welcome on environmental and hydrogeological issues including pollution of groundwater resources, karst systems, sea water intrusion, use of aquifers as storage media and groundwater availability as well as novel techniques of exploration and modelling of groundwater flow and reactive transport. The session will help to start and refine international exchange of expertise and ideas on international groundwater issues. Moreover the session will offer a forum to present activities and facts about the International Association of Hydrogeologists (IAH) and its recent developments and will help to answer questions about the association.

08:30 Conference office open Foyer Audimax
09:00 -
09:45 O 2.9: Teodora Szocs et al.: The term "Aquifer Systems" as used in the ILC's Draft Articles on the law of transboundary aquifers - what implication for the resource analysts?
10:00 O 2.10: Josef V. Datel: Limits for use of thermal waters in the Benesov-Usti (Bensen-Aussig) aquifer system - Vortrag entfällt
14:15O 2.1: Randolf Rausch: The Hydrogeology of the “Upper Mega-Aquifer-System” on the Arabian Peninsula
14:30O 2.2: Jochen Klinger et al.: From research to implementation: IWRM for an urbanized area in Jordan
14:45O 2.3: Steffen Birk et al.: Hydrogeology of the Ethiopian Rift: The example of Gidabo River Basin
15:00O 2.4: Sonja Beuel et al.: Development of hydrogeological conceptual models of wetlands in data scarce regions - The Kilombero floodplain, Tanzania and the Namulonge inland valley, Uganda
15:15Coffee break
15:45O 2.5: Sebastian Schmidt et al.: Bestimmung schneller Grundwasserneubildungsprozesse und quantitativer Quell-Vulnerabilität für Karbonatgrundwasserleiter im semi-ariden östlichen Mittelmeerraum
16:00O 2.6: Kai Uwe Totsche et al.: Towards a fundamental Understanding of the Interplay and the Interdependence of Biogeochemistry and Biodiversity in the Subsurface of the Earths critical zone
16:15O 2.7: Klaus Duscher et al.: Structure, further advancements and fields of application of pan-European GIS layers derived from the „International Hydrogeological Map of Europe 1 : 1,500,000“
16:30O 2.8: Susanne Schomburgk et al.: The new aquifer reference system BDLISA in France and the representation of karst units: challenges of small-scale mapping
19:30Conference dinner

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P 2.1 Lennart Schüler, Nicolae Suciu, Peter Knabner, Sabine Attinger
A Time Dependent Mixing Model for Concentration Fluctuations in Heterogeneous Aquifers
P 2.2 Julian Xanke, Jochen Klinger, Tanja Liesch, Nadine Göppert, Ali Sawarieh, Nico Goldscheider
Hydrogeological assessment of a managed aquifer recharge site at the Wala reservoir, Jordan
P 2.3 Roland Bäumle, Thomas Himmelsbach
Räumliche Erkundung von Grundwasserstockwerken in komplexen Strukturen am Fallbeispiel eines tiefen Kalahari Aquifers in der Zambezi Region (NE Namibia)
P 2.6 Thomas Walter, Bernhard Wagner
Die Regionale Hydrogeologie von Deutschland – Ein Gemeinschaftswerk von 16 Geologischen Landesdiensten
P 2.7 Diana Burghardt, Johannes Richter, Elisabeth Simon, Susann Reichel, Eberhard Janneck, Jan Laubrich
Treatment of Seepage Water from a Tailings Pond of Uranium Mining: Column tests with a novel Schwertmannite- Adsorbent
P 2.8 Patricia Göbel, Johannes Meßer
Erfassung aller Quellen in Westfalen (NRW)
P 2.9 Judith Flügge, Viviana Re, Matthys A. Dippenaar, Carlos Maldaner, Gillian Hurding
Promoting groundwater awareness through early career hydrogeologists - Securing the future groundwater generation
P 2.10 Johannes Barth, Rohana Chandrajith, H.A.H. Jayasena, Robert van Geldern
Assessment of land subsidence mechanisms triggered by dolomitic marble dissolution from hydrogeochemistry and stable isotopes of spring waters
P 2.11 Nils Moosdorf, Mithra C. Hajati, Thomas T. Putranto, Doni P. E. Putra, Thomas R. Rüde
Coastal aquifers of Java, Indonesia, analyzed regarding their potential for submarine groundwater discharge

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