„Grundwasser, Mensch und Ökosysteme“ (groundwater, man, and ecosystems) is the heading of the 25th FH-DGGV Conference in April 2016 in Karlsruhe. Groundwater from wells and springs is the most important and qualitatively best drinking water resource in many regions of the world. The biggest consumer of water is agricultural food production. Often water consumption in this sector is associated with the contamination of water resources. Moreover, various interactions exist between the energy and water sectors. These interactions extend from partly severe interventions with the water budget when producing fossil fuels and biofuels to sustainable uses of water for energy production.

One of the biggest challenges of mankind is to bring the use of water for energy and food production in line with the preservation of ecosystems under the conditions of global change. Currently, water consumption exceeds the new formation of groundwater in many regions of the world. Water quality is deteriorating and the ecosystems that are directly or indirectly dependent on groundwater are subject to degeneration. However, there are also positive developments and new approaches and technologies that allow for an ecologically more compatible use of water resources.

Various aspects of this topic shall be discussed in 14 sessions. The conference will be organized by the Hydrogeology Division of the Institute of Applied Geosciences in cooperation with the Divisions of Engineering Geology and Geothermal Energy. Interesting keynote and evening presentations as well as four excursions will complete the program. Karlsruhe is a classical location of water research and, hence, an ideal place to cover this topic.