8th to 12th January, 2015 - Bayreuth, Germany

CT12 Biodiversity Hotspots

Chair: Jürgen Dengler

Sunday, 14:45-15:45, H 22, RW II

14:45CT12.1: Sushma Reddy et al.: Island and continental biogeography dynamics in the assembly of the Western Ghats (India) avifauna
15:00CT12.2: Simon Loader: Temporal stability of Eastern Afromontane forests: evidence from Amphibians and Reptiles
15:15CT12.3: Jan Axmacher: Diverging diversity patterns in species-rich taxa – Implications for biodiversity conservation
15:30CT12.4: Harry Seijmonsbergen et al.: Geodiversity, a novel predictor for biodiversity?

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P12.1 Beryl Akoth, Peter Nagel, Simon Loader

At a crossroads of two global biodiversity hotspots: Amphibian assemblage wide evaluation of the biogeographic patterns of the Shimba Hills of Kenya.  

P12.2 Chris Barratt, Michele Menegon, Nike Doggart, Peter Nagel, Simon Loader

Speciation patterns in the lowland forests of East Africa  

P12.3⚡ Wilhelm Barthlott, Kirsten Burstedde, Laurens Geffert, Pierre Ibisch, Nadja Korotkova, Daud Rafiqpoor, Anke Stein, Jens Mutke

Biogeography and biodiversity of cacti – a first complete biogeographical analysis of a large plant family

P12.4⚡ Rahama Beida, Michael Douglas, Marcia Fuentes

Identifying critical habitats for conservation focus in eastern Africa and Madagascar with the aid of MODIS-based cloud climatologies

P12.5⚡ Peter Borchardt, Habtamu Assaye, Ben Jones, Kirsty Shaw

Arbopro - A project to protect Afromontane tree species diversity of Ethiopia

P12.6⚡ Silvia Carvalho, Ricardo Cardoso, Pedro Tarroso, Mafalda Barata, Craig Moritz, Salvador Carranza, Guillermo Velo-Antón

Amphibian evolutionary hotspots in the Iberian Peninsula

P12.7⚡ Joyshree Chanam, Srinivasan Kasinathan, Gautamkumar Pramanik, Amaraja Jagdeesh, Kanchan Joshi, Renee Borges

Geographical variation and context-dependency in an ant-plant interaction in the Western Ghats biodiversity hotspot, India

P12.8⚡ Jürgen Dengler, Carl Beierkuhnlein, Franz Essl, Jose Maria Fernández-Palacios, Carsten Hobohm, Anke Jentsch, Holger Kreft, Pavel Krestov, Swantje Löbel, Reinhold Stahlmann, Manuel J. Steinbauer, David Storch, Kostas Triantis, Patrick Weigelt, Alessandro Chiarucci

Global patterns of vascular plant species richness, endemic richness and endemicity: a new approach to identify hotspots and cold spots

P12.9⚡ Adrien Favre, Martin Päckert, Steffen Pauls, Sonja Jähnig, Dieter Uhl, Ingo Michalak, Alexandra Muellner-Riehl

Direct and indirect effects of the uplift of the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau on the evolution of Tibetan biotas

P12.10 Amir Lewin, Shai Meiri, Anat Feldman, Yuval Itescu

Patterns and drivers of vertebrate species richness in West Africa

P12.11⚡ Ashlyn Levadia Padayachee

Mapping the distribution of ancient plant and animal lineages in southern Africa

P12.13⚡ Alke Voskamp, David J. Baker, Philip A. Stephens, Stephen G. Willis

Avian phylogenetic diversity: global patterns and their drivers

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