P1Hermanni Aaltonen, Jaana Bäck, Jukka Pumpanen, Mari Pihlatie, Hannele Hakola, Heidi HellénBoreal Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris) forest floor BVOC emissions peak in early summer and autumn ...more
P2Sandy Adriaenssens, Jeroen Staelens, Shari Van Wittenberghe, Pascal Boeckx, Roeland Samson, Kris VerheyenSeasonal canopy uptake of dry deposited 15N-NH3 under different N loads and the interaction with leaf physical properties ...more
P3Nicola Arriga, Dario PapaleWavelets and high frequency meteorological data to estimate mass and energy fluxes ...more
P4Anika Bargsten, Thomas Behrendt, Franz X MeixnerBiogenic NO emission from a spruce forest soil in the Fichtelgebirge under influence of different understory types ...more
P5Tobias Biermann, Katharina Staudt, Andrei Serafimovich, Thomas FokenTurbulence parameter inside and above a tall spruce site ...more
P6Ebba Dellwik, Jakob Mann, Ferhat Bingöl, Klaus LarsenFlow angles measured at a fetch-limited beech forest with clearings ...more
P7Ebba Dellwik, Torben Mikkelsen, Jakob Mann, Petter LindelöwThe next generation field experiment technology: WINDSCANNER.DK ...more
P8Ralph Dlugi, Gerhard Kramm, Michael ZelgerOn the Recognition of Fundamental Physical Principles in Recent Atmospheric-Environmental Studies ...more
P9Georg Jocher, Rafael Eigenmann, Andrei Serafimovich, Thomas FokenFree convection events on a spruce forest clearing ...more
P10Stephanie Schier, Franz X. Meixner, Thomas FokenLocal wind phenomena at the Waldstein/Weidenbrunnen FLUXNET site ...more
P11Arnoud Frumau, Eiko Nemitz, Gavin Phillips, Chiara Di Marco, Max McGillen, Carl Percival, Arjan Hensen, Piet Jongejan, Stolk ArienEvaluation of gradient measurements of ammonia with direct flux measurements above a coniferous forest in the Netherlands. ...more
P14Sima Torab JahromiThe effects of transport systems on natural park ecosystems in Tehran ...more
P15Arunasalam Karunaharan, Paul MonksPeroxy radical concentration in the tropical troposphere over the South East rainforest in April and July 2008. (0P3-Danum-08) ...more
P16Katrin Mildenberger, Eva Beiderwieden, Yue-Joe Hsia, Otto KlemmCarbon dioxide and water vapor fluxes above a subtropical mountain cloud forest: The influence of fog ...more
P17Shohei Murayama, Hiroaki Kondo, Nobuko Saigusa, Akira Wada, Kentaro Ishijima, Hidekazu Matsueda, Yousuke SawaExamination of CO2 transport processes in a mountainous cool temperate deciduous forest in central Japan using atmospheric 222Rn measurement ...more
P18Carole Helfter, Eiko Nemitz, Gavin Phillips, Chiara Di Marco, Mhairi Coyle, Jamie Whitehead, Michael Flynn, Jennifer Mueller, Martin GallagherTurbulence, heat and trace gas fluxes above a South-East Asian rainforest ...more
P19Johannes Ofner, Heinz-Ulrich Krüger, Cornlelius Zetzsch, Hinrich GrotheHUmic-Like Secondary Organic Aerosol from catechol and guaiacol as model substances for heterogeneous atmospheric chemistry ...more
P20Robert Oswald, Thorsten Hoffmann, Welling Michael, Meixner Franz X.Fast detection of ozone: Improving a solid-phase chemiluminescence ozone sensor ...more
P21Alexandre Petroff, Leiming Zhang, Jennifer MurphyA mechanistic model to predict aerosol dry deposition with a special attention to forests. ...more
P22Daniel Plake, Alexander Moravek, Anywhere Tsokankunku, Claudia Breuninger, Michael Welling, Thomas Foken, Meinrat O. Andreae, Franz X. MeixnerVertical Profiles of Reactive Trace Gases (NO, NO2, O3) in a Forest Ecosystem ...more
P23Michael Riederer, Korbinian Hens, Franz Xaver Meixner, Thomas FokenFluxes of reactive and non-reactive trace gases close to the forest floor ...more
P24Korbinian Hens, Franz Xaver Meixner, Michael Riederer, Alexander Moravek, Anika Bargsten, Zhilin Zhu, Meinrat O. AndreaeTrace gas exchange at the forest floor ...more
P25Eyal Rotenberg, Dan YakirSignificant contribution of largely neglected semi-arid forests to the climate system ...more
P26Lukas Siebicke, Martina Hunner, Thomas FokenA statistical approach applied to trace gas gradients with low signal to noise ratios ...more
P27Martina Hunner, Lukas Siebicke, Thomas FokenInfluence of coordinate rotation on calculation of vertical advection ...more
P28Andrey Sogachev, Hans Ejsing Jørgensen, Oleg PanferovCFD modelling of airflow and flux footprint over complex hilly terrain ...more
P29Matthias Sörgel, Ivonne Trebs, Alexander Moravek, Franz X. Meixner, Cornelius ZetzschStatistical analysis of HONO and relative humidity time series measured in the EGER-Project ...more
P30Rémy Soubie, Marc Aubinet, Bernard Heinesch, Caroline VinckeSpecies effect on the water use efficiency of a mixed forest of beech (Fagus sylvatica L.), Douglas fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii (Mirb.) Franco) and silver fir (Abies alba Mill.) in Belgian Ardennes. ...more
P32Katharina Staudt, Eva Falge, R. David Pyles, Thomas FokenSensitivity and predictive uncertainty of the ACASA model at a spruce forest site ...more
P33Patrick Stella, Benjamin Loubet, Eric Lamaud, Patricia Laville, Jean-Marc Bonnefond, Pierre CellierStomatal, soil and cuticular ozone deposition over a mature pine forest and an agricultural field ...more
P34Elin Sundqvist, Anders LindrothMethane exchange of a boreal forest ...more
P35Risto Taipale, Michael Boy, Taina M. Ruuskanen, Maija K. Kajos, Johanna Patokoski, Jaana Bäck, Pasi Kolari, Janne RinneUpscaling of shoot scale volatile organic compound emissions to the ecosystem scale and beyond ...more
P36Uri Dicken, Josef Tanny, Shabtai CohenEffect of plant height on microclimate, evapotranspiration and water use efficiency of a banana plantation in a screenhouse ...more
P37Julio Tóta, David R. FitzjarraldObservations of Subcanopy Flow and the Carbon Budget in two Amazon Rain Forest: Santarém and Manaus Sites ...more
P38Patrik Vestin, Anders Lindroth, Meelis Mölder, Leif Klemedtsson, Ola LangvallEffects of storms on soil CO2 efflux in boreal forests ...more
P39Matthias J. Zeeman, Alexander Knohl, Nina Buchmann, Patrick Sturm, Christoph ThomasConditional flux analysis and stable isotopes ...more