Oral Presentations

ForumThomas FokenThe energy balance closure problem – Introduction to a panel discussion ...more
Key Note 1Christian George, Barbara D'AnnaPhotoenhanced deposition of trace gases at the interface of organic surfaces ...more
Key Note 2Monique LeclercUnexpected Teleconnection between Vegetation Canopies and the Free Atmosphere ...more
Key Note 3Marc Aubinet, Christian Feigenwinter, Christian Bernhofer, Anders Lindroth, Leonardo Montagnani, Corinna RebmannDirect advection measurements do not help to solve the nighttime CO2 closure problem – evidence from three inherently different forests. ...more
Key Note 4Jose D FuentesForest biogeochemistry of reactive trace gases ...more
Key Note 6Kyaw Tha Paw U, R. David Pyles, Liyi XuSVAT-Modeling and scale interactions ...more
OThomas Foken, Franz X. Meixner, Eva Falge, Cornelius ZetzschExchanGE processes in mountainous Regions (EGER) – An overview ...more
O 1.1Matthias Sörgel, Andrei Serafimovich, Alexander Moravek, Ivonne Trebs, Franz X. Meixner, Cornelius ZetzschEffects of coupling regimes and humidity on HONO concentrations in and above a spruce forest ...more
O 1.2Jörg Kleffmann, Traian Gavriloaiei, Andreas Hofzumahaus, Frank Holland, Ralf Koppmann, Lutz Rupp, Eric Schlosser, Manfred Siese, Andreas WahnerGradient measurements of HONO in a forest ...more
O 1.3Eiko Nemitz, Alex Huffman, Jose Jimenez, Brad Baker, John T Walker, Alice Delia, Darin Toohey, Thomas Karl, Craig Stroud, Alex GuentherSize and composition resolved aerosol fluxes above a pine forest and their response to biogenic chemistry ...more
O 1.4Andreas Held, Alex Guenther, Edward Patton, Jim Smith, Andrew TurnipseedAerosol fluxes in a walnut orchard during CHATS ...more
O 1.5Veronika Wolff, Ivonne Trebs, Franz X. MeixnerConcentrations and exchange processes of the ammonia-nitric acid-ammonium nitrate triad above a forest canopy ...more
O 1.6Ana Alebic-JureticDeposition of Sulphur and Nitrogen in the forest area (Highland District) of Croatia ...more
O 2.1Roger Shaw, John Finnigan, Ned PattonCanopy/roughness sublayer turbulence ...more
O 2.2John Finnigan, Roger Shaw, Ned PattonThe Origins of Coherent Eddy Structure in and Above Plant canopies ...more
O 2.3Andrei Serafimovich, Lukas Siebicke, Tobias Biermann, Thomas FokenVertical and horizontal transport of energy and matter by coherent motions in a tall spruce canopy ...more
O 2.4Pavel Sedlak, Katerina Potuznikova, Radek Czerny, Dalibor JanousCanopy airflow and turbulence near the top of a forested ridge ...more
O 2.5Peter WerleQuality assurance aspects for laser based eddy covariance measurements of atmospheric trace gases ...more
O 2.6Vanessa Haverd, Ray Leuning, Eva van Gorsel, David Griffith, Matthias CuntzThe turbulent Lagrangian time scale in forest canopies constrained by fluxes, concentrations and source distributions ...more
O 3.1Lukas Siebicke, Martina Hunner, Andrei Serafimovich, Joel Schröter, Johannes Ruppert, Thomas FokenAdvection experiments at the Waldstein/Weidenbrunnen FLUXNET site ...more
O 3.2Ronald Queck, Anne Bienert, Stefan HarmansaCalculating advective fluxes in tall canopies – Towards better wind speed distribution using 3D vegetation scans in high resolution ...more
O 3.3Uta Moderow, Christian Bernhofer, Christian FeigenwinterThe true mean vertical wind velocity – a miracle? ...more
O 3.4Ian Harman, John Finnigan, Eva van Gorsel, Steven BelcherLimits to accuracy and optimal instrument deployment for eddy flux measurement in complex terrain ...more
O 3.5Ralph Dlugi, Gerhard Kramm, Martina Berger, Michael ZelgerSegregation Effects and their Impact on Chemical Transformation Rates and Vertical Eddy Fluxes of Atmospheric Trace Constituents ...more
O 4.1James Ryder, Langford Ben, Oram David, Misztal Pawel, Helfter Carole, Phillips Gavin, Coyle Mhairi, Whitehead Jamie, Lowe Douglas, McFiggans Gordon, Nemitz EikoSources, sinks and chemical processing of volatile organic compounds within a South-East Asian rainforest canopy ...more
O 4.2Thomas Pugh, Robert MacKenzie, Nicholas Hewitt, Ben LangfordSimulating atmospheric composition over a South-East Asian tropical rainforest ...more
O 4.4Anywhere Tsokankunku, Z Zhu, F.X. Meixner, I Trebs, Th Foken, M Welling, D Plake, M.O AndreaeEddy covariance fluxes of the NO-NO2-O3 triad above a spruce forest canopy in south-eastern Germany ...more
O 4.5Christof Ammann, Michael Kortner, Axel Thielmann, Udo Rummel, Meixner Franz X.What controls the discrepancy between biogenic emission/uptake and above-canopy fluxes of NO and NO2? ...more
O 4.6Claudia Breuninger, Franz X. Meixner, Jürgen KesselmeierExchange of NO2 between spruces and the atmosphere is dominated by deposition ...more
O 6.1Serena Marras, Donatella Spano, Costantino Sirca, Pierpaolo Duce, Snyder Richard L., Pyles R. Dave, Paw U Kyaw ThaACASA simulations and comparison with measured fluxes over Mediterranean maquis ...more
O 6.2Katharina Staudt, Eva Falge, Andrei Serafimovich, R. David Pyles, Thomas FokenModeling the exchange of energy and matter within and above a spruce forest site with ACASA ...more
O 6.3Eva Falge, Katharina Staudt, Franz MeixnerValidation of gas exchange models for a Picea abies canopy in the Fichtelgebirge, Germany ...more
O 6.4Laurens GanzeveldLocal- to global scale canopy interactions relevant to the exchange of reactive compounds and aerosols ...more
O 6.5Catherine Van den Hoof, Marc Aubinet, Bernard Heinesch, Caroline VinckeEvaluation of the suitability of the land surface model JULES for climate impact studies in Belgian ecosystems ...more
O 6.6Ulrike Falk, Christopher Conrad, Jan HendrickxCross-scale intercomparison of different approaches for measuring and modeling heat energy fluxes in West-Africa ...more