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Jansen, F; Dengler, J: GermanSL - Eine universelle taxonomische Referenzliste für Vegetationsdatenbanken in Deutschland., Tuexenia, 28, 239-253 (2008)
Stichworte: checklist, floristic mapping, NetPhyD, phytosociology, plant taxonomy, potential taxon, trait database, TURBOVEG
GermanSL is a universal electronic reference list for the German flora, developed by the Section ‘Taxonomic Reference Lists’ within the ‘Netzwerk Phytodiversität Deutschland’ (Network Phytodiver- sity Germany; NetPhyD). Version 1.0 has been published in early 2008. The list allows an easy linkage between different phytosociological databases as well as with other databases of species-related infor- mation (e.g. floristic mapping data, plant functional trait databanks). The GermanSL is based on the most recent published reference lists of the major botanical taxonomical groups in Germany. All addi- tions and corrections to these reference lists are clearly documented. Thus, the GermanSL is not a new taxonomic standard, but a compilation of existing concepts for easy usage. The electronic list comprises some 30,000 accepted and synonymous names of vascular plants, bryophytes, lichens, and algae. Addi- tionally, their position in the botanical hierarchy and species-related information (e.g. indicator values, red-list status) are included. The GermanSL can be downloaded free of charge and is available as Excel sheet and in a version for the phytosociological database programme TURBOVEG so far. We cordially invite all interested colleagues to contribute actively to the improvement and the extension of Ger- manSL.
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