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Jansen, F; Dengler, J; Glöckler, F; Chytrý, M; Ewald, J; Oldeland, J; Schaminée, JHJ: Die mitteleuropäischen Datenbanken im Global Index of Vegetation-Plot Databases (GIVD)., Tuexenia, 31, 351–367 (2011)
Key words: central Europe, community ecology, data exchange, database, macroecology, metadata, phytosociology, plot, relevé, scientific reward, species composition
The Global Index of Vegetation-Plot Databases (GIVD) is a metadatabase of vegetation databases worldwide that was initiated by an international Steering Committee in 2010 and that is hosted on a server in Greifswald. GIVD aims at providing a better overview on the growing number of vegetation- plot databases and increasing their accessibility for overarching analyses. In this article, we analyse which data from central Europe (including the Benelux countries) are available in GIVD. On 20 March 2011, 1.35 million of the total 2.45 million registered relevés originated from one of the covered twelve countries. With more than 600,000 digitally available relevés, corresponding to a density of 18 km–2, the Netherlands are globally leading in this respect.
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