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Dengler, J; Rūsiņa, S; Boch, S; Bruun, HH; Diekmann, M,; Dierßen, K; Dolnik, C; Dupré, C; Golub, V; Grytnes, JA; Helm, A; Ingerpuu, N; Löbel, S; Pärtel, M; Rašomavičius, V; Tyler, G; Znamenskiy, SR; Zobel, M: Working group on dry grasslands in the Nordic and Baltic region - Outline of the project and first results for the class Festuco-Brometea., Annali di Botanica N. S., 6, 73-100 (2007)
Key words: Biodiversity. -urasslancls. dry Festuco-Brotnelea. Nordic and Baltic leqion.svltaxono- mv. vesetation databank
The vegetationdatabankestablished our working group covers the classesFe.s/aco- sanguineiin the Nordic and Baltic and Koelerio-Corl'nephoretea, Tril'olio-Geranietea Bronteteu, region, i.e. NE Germany.Denmark.Norway. Sweden.Finland,N Poland.Lithuania.Latvia, phy- Estonia.and NW Russia.We aim to use thesedata to develop a consistentsupra-national typesin the study areaand to analyse of classification thesexerothermicvegetation tosociological meetingour criteria,and reievds patterns. to now. we locatedsome 12.500 Up their biodiversity We more than 3.500of them have alreadybeenincludedin the databank. give an overview of the source types,plot sizes, and countries, of coverage syntaxa as propelties theserelev6s regards of for We also presentfirst analyses the basiphiloussemi-dry grasslands and cryptogamtreatment. For (Brttt'htpodietuliuTtinnati)within the f estuco-Brontetea. this group of communities.many differentand incompatible classification schemes havebeenproposed. -uive ovcrviewof We an the alliance and association names that havebeenin usefbr them in the studyarea, accompaniecl by a nontenclntural assessmcnt. reler'6s The presentlfincludedin the clatabank havebeententa- tively ässigned thosevegetation to u'hosediagnostic classes taxa \\'ercprei,ailing. Accordinely. more thirn 2.000 r'elevds have bcen placed in the Festut'o-Brometeo. These show consiclerable floristic difl'erencescompi,rred stands of the southern temperateRrut.htpotliekrlialtinnuri to alliances Brorrtiottereüi. Cirsio-Bnrchtpodionpittttuti. and Agro.stion t'inealis. The presence degrees of Avenula prutensis and Hornalotlteciun lute.scerrs. instance.are sieniticantly for increased the study area.and thoseofF.,r/rlcctrupit'ola andEuphorbiu ctpcrrissiu.s in decrcased. An analysis the species-area of relationship yieldeda powerfunctionwith : = 0.09 w,hich con- is siderably lower thanincrements determined nested-plot bv analvses this commr,rnity of type.indi- catingthe probable incompleteness the species of lists for manv of the lar-eer plots.Finally.we give an outlookon the futureobjectives the working eroup.
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