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Chair of Plant Ecology - Prof. Dr. Steven Higgins

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Timmermann, T; Dengler, J; Abdank, A; Berg, C: Objektivierung von Naturschutzbewertungen - Das Beispiel Roter Listen von Pflanzengesellschaften., Naturschutz und Landschaftsplanung, 38, 133-139 (2006)
Towards More Objective Nature Conservation Assessments - The example ofRed Data Books of Plant Communities The project "Plant Communities of Mecklen- burg-West Pommerania and Their Vulnerabili- ty" has compiled a survey of all plant Commu- nities within this federal state in NE Germany, analysing their endangerment and evaluating their nature conservation value. This approach significantly enhances the methodology of Red Data Books. The endangerment classification has been strictly separated from the assessment of the conservation value, being derived from "Gefährdungsinhalt" (density of endangered plant species), the degree of naturalness and the responsibility for the global conservation of the plant Community. The combination of endan- germent and conservation value allows a defin- ition of conservation priorities. The approach presented is characterised by clear concepts and terms, a precise scaling of categories and justi- fied rules for the combination of criteria, clear- ly illustrated in matrices. Finally the paper dis- cusses shortcomings of the approach äs well äs options for the application in other Red Data Books.
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