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Dengler, J; Berg, C; Jansen, F: New ideas for modern phytosociological monographs., Annali di Botanica N. S., 5, 49-66 (2005)
Key words: Classification approach,Mecklenburg-Vorpommem, nature conservation,Red Data Book of plant communities, syntaxonomy, vegetation database
Within the framework of the project 'Plant communities of Mecklenburg-Volpommern and their vulnerability' a team of 22 vegetation scientists, including the authors of the present paper, developed a current synopsis of all syntaxa known from this federal state in NE Germany. This synopsisis basedon the classificationof more than 50,000relevdsstoredin a TURBOVEG database. was recently publishedin a two-volume monograph.In the presentpaper,we pres- It ent major aspects the approaches of usöd in the monographand discussthe experiences gained with them. We also provide an overview of the 12 axiomatic rules that form the classification approachin the monograph; review the application of the central syntaxon concept and its advan- tages and drawbacks; and examine the importance of nomenclaturally reviewing all syntaxon names, including older synonyms. We furthermore provide an overview of our transparent methodologyfor assessing plant communitiesaccordingto their vulnerability and conservation value. Finally, we take stock of what was learned from the project and provide an overview of future tasks.
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