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Biurrun, I; García-Mijangos, I; Berastegi, A; Ambarli, D; Dembicz, I; Filibeck, G; Jandt, U; Janišová, M; Jaunatre, R; Kącki, Z; Kuzemko, AA; Pedashenko, H; Polchaninova, N,Y,; Dengler, J: Diversity of dry grasslands in Navarre (Spain): Experiences from the 7th EDGG Field Workshop, 15–24 June 2014., Bulletin of the European Dry Grassland Group, 24/25, 4–21 (2014)
Key words: biodiversity; bryophyte; grassland; lichen; nested plot; vascular plant; vegetation classification; vegetation- plot database
The 7th EDGG Field Workshop took place in Navarre, Spain, in June 2014. It was attended by 16 partici- pants from 10 European countries. During the workshop, 35 nested-plot series (“biodiversity plots”) and 49 additional normal plots, resulting in a total of 119 full relevés with vascular plants, bryophytes and lichens, were recorded. The surveyed areas included the Mediterranean, the Atlantic and the Alpine Regions. The most species-rich grasslands were recorded in the Sub-Mediterranean dry grasslands of the Calamintho-Seselietum montani in the Atlantic Region near the village Ihabar. During the workshop, 12 oral presentations on various topics in the field of grassland research were given by the participants. This article provides details of the organization and sampling methods used during the fieldwork as well as first results and an outlook. Comparisons with the previous EDGG expeditions and an illustrated diary are also included.
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