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Bültmann, H; Hasse, T; Dörsing, M; Jandt, U; Becker, T; Dengler, J: Trockenrasen auf unterschiedlichen Betrachtungsebenen - Zweite Jahrestagung der AG Trockenrasen vom 26.-28.08.05 in Münster., Tuexenia, 26, 389-390 (2006)
Key words: Festuco-Brometea, Koelerio-Corynephoretea, TURBOVEG, vegetation databank
We present a report on the second annual symposium of the Dry Grassland Working Group, which took place 26.–28.08.05 in Münster and was entitled ‘Observation scales in dry grasslands’. The Dry Grassland Working Group is a discussion forum for all who are dealing with dry grasslands in central Europe. It organises annual symposia on various topics and aims to prepare the volumes on dry grass- lands and closely related vegetation classes within the the ‘Synopsis of the plant communities of Ger- many’. The Synopsis will be based on a TURBOVEG database. As its structure and reference lists are now almost fixed, we will probably be able to start with data input at the beginning of 2006.
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