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Drews, H; Dengler, J: Steilufer an der nordoldenburgischen Küste: Artenausstattung, Vegetation und Pflegekonzept unter besonderer Berücksichtigung der Kalkhalbtrockenrasen und der wärmeliebenden Säume., Kieler Notizen zur Pflanzenkunde in Schleswig-Holstein und Hamburg, 32, 57-95 (2004)
Key words: Baltic Sea, Festuco-Brometea, habitat continuity, Habitats directive, Montio-Cardaminetea, nature conservation, phytosociology, red data book, Schleswig-Holstein, Seseli libanotis, Trifolio-Geranietea sanguinei, Truncatellina
The ‘Naturlandstiftung Saar’ and the ‘Stiftung Naturschutz Schleswig-Holstein’ work together within a LIFE- project dealing with dry grassland regeneration in Germany. In Schleswig-Holstein, the coast of the Baltic Sea near Heiligenhafen forms the project area. We present the results of a floristical and phytosociological inven- tory of this area as well as selected records of its fauna. The emphasis lies on the moraine cliffs and their vege- tation. We characterise the occurring plant communities and document most of them by phytosociological ta- bles. Furthermore, we publish a species list of the vascular plants and bryophytes. Both flora and fauna of this place are extraordinary compared with other areas in Schleswig-Holstein. Several species have a Pannonian core distribution and their occurrences in the dry grasslands at the Baltic Sea are quite isolated. We support the thesis, that these species may have colonised Schleswig-Holstein already c. 10,000 years ago. Dry grasslands at Baltic cliffs therefore can be considered as primary and as having long-lasting habitat continuity. Two phy- tocoena of such dry sites are endemic to the southern Baltic area and Germany thus bears a special responsibil- ity for their conservation: These are a community of semi-dry, calcareous grasslands (Solidagini virgaureae- Helictotrichetum pratensis, class Festuco-Brometea) and one of thermophilous fringes (Sileno nutantis- Libanotidetum montanae, class Trifolio-Geranietea sanguinei). Finally, we line out the threats for these frag- mented dry grasslands and other habitats listed in the Habitats directive of the EU such as springs and strand- line vegetation and present suggestions for nature conservation measures.
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