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Dengler, J; Jandt, U: Trockenrasen als Biodiversitätshotspots - Erste Jahrestagung der Arbeitsgruppe „Trockenrasen“., Kieler Notizen zur Pflanzenkunde in Schleswig-Holstein und Hamburg, 32, 1-56 (2004)
Key words: Bryophytes, Estonia, Germany, Habitats directive, Italy, lichens, nature reserve ‘Binnendünen bei Klein Schmölen’, plant communities, Portugal, species-area curves, species richness, Sweden, vascular plants
The dry grassland working group held its first annual symposium titled ‘Dry grasslands as biodiversity hot- spots’ at Lüneburg in September 2004. The publication on hand comprises nine contributions of this sympo- sium that are dealing with dry grasslands and their phytodiversity from different points of view. The authors of seven papers elucidate the phytodiversity of dry grasslands in different parts of Europe from Estonia, via Öland, NE Germany (with a special study on the Uckermark), southern Baden (SW Germany) and the Italian Alps to the Serra da Estrela in Portugal. Most authors are focussing not only on vascular plants, but also on bryophytes and lichens. Two of these regional papers are analysing the species-area relationship. One contribu- tion is an excursion guide to the nature reserve ‘Binnendünen bei Klein Schmölen’ in the Elbe valley. Finally, one author deals with biotope management in dry grasslands of Lower Saxony.
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