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Dengler, J: Veröffentlichungsverzeichnis von Klaus Dierßen. In: Dengler, J., Dolnik, C., Trepel, M. [Eds.]: Flora, Vegetation und Naturschutz zwischen Schleswig-Holstein und Südamerika - Festschrift für Klaus Dierßen zum 60. Geburtstag. Flora, Vegetation, and Nature Conservation from Schleswig-Holstein to South America – Festschrift for Klaus Dierßen on Occasion of his 60th Birthday., Mitteilungen der Arbeitsgemeinschaft Geobotanik in Schleswig-Holstein und Hamburg, 65, 31-44 (2008)
Key words: author; bibliometry; book; co-author, editor; geobotany; journal
Since his first publication in 1968, Klaus Dierßen has published at least 206 scientific contributions, com- prising a total of approximately 10,000 pages. Among these publications are 23 monographs (books or single volumes of series), which he (co-)authored or edited. He published in no less than 77 different periodicals or series, with Grüne Mappe des Landesnaturschutzverbandes Schleswig-Holstein, Mitteilungen der Arbeitsgemeinschaft Geobotanik in Schleswig-Holstein und Hamburg, Schriftenreihe für Vegetations- kunde, Ecological Studies, Kieler Notizen zur Pflanzenkunde in Schleswig-Holstein und Hamburg, and Berichte der Reinhold-Tüxen-Gesellschaft each accounting for five or more contributions. While Klaus Dierßen solely authored approximately one half of his publications, he joined in co-authorship with more than 100 colleagues for the remainder. His most frequent co-author is his wife Barbara (n = 11), followed by A. Mieth and H.-R. Bork (n = 8 each), and H.-P. Blume, J. Dengler, C. Dolnik (né Wolfram), S. Gettner, K. Kiehl, J. Schrautzer, and M. Trepel (n = 6 each). Klaus Dierßen’s publications can be assigned to the following main topics (multiple entries possible): nature conservation (n = 98), phytosociology (n = 61), mires (n = 18), general ecology (n = 38), bryophytes (n = 18), floristics (n = 15), and biodiversity (n = 8)
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