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Chair of Plant Ecology - Prof. Dr. Steven Higgins

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Franklin, SB; Hunter, JT; De Cáceres, M; Dengler, J; Landucci, F; Krestov, P: Introducing the IAVS Vegetation Classification Working Group, Phytocoenologia, 46(1), 5-8 (2016), online: 2016-04-07, doi:10.1127/phyto/2016/0116

Vegetation classification is a basic requirement of research and conservation. Numerous classifications have been established throughout the world during the 20th century, but steps toward international classification systems and standards are currently being sought. We introduce here a new working group of the International Association of Vegetation Science, the Vegetation Classification Working Group (VCWG), which will function as a scientific panel devoted to vegetation classification at any spatial or organizational scale, particularly the underlying methodologies and standards, ultimately allowing greater understanding and crosswalks among national classification systems. The VCWG currently has 166 members from 41 countries of six continents, a website for information, established subgroups for specific activities, and initiated a Special Issue on classification for Phytocoenologia. We summarize here the background of the VCWG, current and future activities, and contact information for those interested in becoming involved.

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