Andreas HeldProf. Dr.

Andreas Held


Phone: +49(0)921 55-5723
Room: A1.2 (Dr.-Hans-Frisch-Straße)
e-Mail: andreas.held(at)

Member of the BayCEER Steering Committee

Atmospheric Chemistry

Research fields:

  • Interactions of chemistry and transport in the atmosphere
    • VOC emissions and secondary aerosol formation in forested areas
    • Sources and sinks of nitrous acid in the atmosphere
  • Turbulent transport of aerosol particles
    • Biosphere-atmosphere exchange of aerosol particles
    • Eddy Covariance / Relaxed Eddy Accumulation
  • Aerosol formation in the atmosphere
    • New particle formation events in the environment
    • Aerosol mass spectrometry
    • Exchange of nitrous acid in a disturbed forest ecosystem

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Su. 2016-05-01
Heitere Natur: Reime von Heinz Erhardt
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