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DS18B20 Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 DS18B20 (uint8_t pin, uint8_t channel_offset=0, uint8_t ds18b20_channels=DS18B20_CHANNELS)
 ~DS18B20 ()
void t_conversion (void)
const uint8_t * search (void)
uint8_t checkSensors (void)
uint8_t getNextChannel (void)
uint8_t addSensor (const uint8_t *new_addr, uint8_t channel)
uint8_t getNextFreeChannel (void)
uint8_t getChannel (const uint8_t *addr)
const uint8_t * getChannelAddress (uint8_t channel) const
uint8_t deleteChannel (const uint8_t *addr)
uint8_t readChannel (uint8_t channel, float *f, uint8_t tries=1)
uint8_t readAddrFromEEPROM (uint8_t channel)
uint8_t setAllAddrFromEEPROM (void)
int setAllAddr (void)
void writeAddrToEEPROM (uint8_t channel)
const String addr2String (const uint8_t *addr)
uint8_t getNumberOfChannels (void)

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from OneWire
 OneWire (uint8_t pin)
uint8_t reset (void)
void select (const uint8_t rom[8])
void skip (void)
void write (uint8_t v, uint8_t power=0)
void write_bytes (const uint8_t *buf, uint16_t count, bool power=0)
uint8_t read (void)
void read_bytes (uint8_t *buf, uint16_t count)
void write_bit (uint8_t v)
uint8_t read_bit (void)
void depower (void)
void reset_search ()
void target_search (uint8_t family_code)
uint8_t search (uint8_t *newAddr, bool search_mode=true)
- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from OneWire
static uint8_t crc8 (const uint8_t *addr, uint8_t len)
static bool check_crc16 (const uint8_t *input, uint16_t len, const uint8_t *inverted_crc, uint16_t crc=0)
static uint16_t crc16 (const uint8_t *input, uint16_t len, uint16_t crc=0)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 26 of file DS18B20.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ DS18B20()

DS18B20::DS18B20 ( uint8_t  pin,
uint8_t  channel_offset = 0,
uint8_t  ds18b20_channels = DS18B20_CHANNELS 


Definition at line 4 of file DS18B20.cpp.

◆ ~DS18B20()

DS18B20::~DS18B20 ( )


Definition at line 37 of file DS18B20.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ addr2String()

const String DS18B20::addr2String ( const uint8_t *  addr)

Utility function for creating messages

Definition at line 167 of file DS18B20.cpp.

◆ addSensor()

uint8_t DS18B20::addSensor ( const uint8_t *  new_addr,
uint8_t  channel 

adds sensor with given address and channel number

Definition at line 58 of file DS18B20.cpp.

◆ checkSensors()

uint8_t DS18B20::checkSensors ( void  )

checks all known addresses returns channel of first non responding device

Definition at line 40 of file DS18B20.cpp.

◆ deleteChannel()

uint8_t DS18B20::deleteChannel ( const uint8_t *  addr)

deletes given sensor address and frees channel returns freed channel number or zero on failure

Definition at line 143 of file DS18B20.cpp.

◆ getChannel()

uint8_t DS18B20::getChannel ( const uint8_t *  addr)

returns channel number of given address returns 0 when address is not found

Definition at line 156 of file DS18B20.cpp.

◆ getChannelAddress()

const uint8_t * DS18B20::getChannelAddress ( uint8_t  channel) const

returns a pointer to the address of a given channel number

Definition at line 152 of file DS18B20.cpp.

◆ getNextChannel()

uint8_t DS18B20::getNextChannel ( void  )

Can be used to iterate through all aktive channels returns 0 when no channel is left

Definition at line 14 of file DS18B20.cpp.

◆ getNextFreeChannel()

uint8_t DS18B20::getNextFreeChannel ( void  )

returns number of first free channel. returns 0 when no free channel is left

Definition at line 136 of file DS18B20.cpp.

◆ getNumberOfChannels()

uint8_t DS18B20::getNumberOfChannels ( void  )

returns the number of allocated channels

Definition at line 176 of file DS18B20.cpp.

◆ readAddrFromEEPROM()

uint8_t DS18B20::readAddrFromEEPROM ( uint8_t  channel)

Reads address from EEPROM returns 1 for a valid address returns 0 when there is no address in EEPROM for the given channel

Definition at line 66 of file DS18B20.cpp.

◆ readChannel()

uint8_t DS18B20::readChannel ( uint8_t  channel,
float *  f,
uint8_t  tries = 1 

reads channel and puts the result in f return 0x0 on success 0x1 when there is no address for the channel 0x2 when there is data but not valid CRC8

Definition at line 115 of file DS18B20.cpp.

◆ search()

const uint8_t * DS18B20::search ( void  )

search for unknown Sensors returns pointer to new address

Definition at line 30 of file DS18B20.cpp.

◆ setAllAddr()

int DS18B20::setAllAddr ( void  )

Performs search and registration of all Sensors present at OneWire-bus returns number of sensors added or removed

Definition at line 89 of file DS18B20.cpp.

◆ setAllAddrFromEEPROM()

uint8_t DS18B20::setAllAddrFromEEPROM ( void  )

Reads all addresses from EEPROM returns the number of addresses read from EEPROM typically used at startup of arduino (e.g. after running out of battery)

Definition at line 81 of file DS18B20.cpp.

◆ t_conversion()

void DS18B20::t_conversion ( void  )

starts temperature conversion

Definition at line 23 of file DS18B20.cpp.

◆ writeAddrToEEPROM()

void DS18B20::writeAddrToEEPROM ( uint8_t  channel)

stores the address of given channel to EEPROM

Definition at line 106 of file DS18B20.cpp.

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