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Ecological effects of land use changes on European terrestrial mountain ecosystems


Von 01/1995 bis 12/1998

Projektleiter: John Tenhunen
Mitarbeiter: Hans-Joachim Scharfenberg
Bewilligung: ENV4-CT95-0179 Ökologische Effekte der Landnutzungsänderung auf montane terrestrische Ökosysteme in Europa

ECOMONT aims at investigating land-use changes in European Terrestrial Mountain Ecosystems. As a contribution to the Terrestrial Ecosystem Research Initiative TERI, ECOMONT aims at a high degree of integration: - to investigate which changes in the canopy structure occur due to land-use changes in agricultural and forestal alpine ecosystems along a South/North research-transect across the Eastern Alps and how these changes affect the exchange processes with the atmosphere; - to clear up how the changes in canopy structure are connected with species composition and performance, as well as with species competition and interaction; - to understand the influence of land-use changes on soil organic matter (SOM) status and turnover, on biogeochemical (CO2, N) and hydrological processes at the ecosystem level, and on the exchange processes between the ecosystems and the lower layers of the atmosphere; - to extend this understanding to the landscape level by means of multimedia modelling activities; - to compare the results from the Alps with those of other European mountains (Spanish Pyrenees, Scottish Highlands); - to develop functional analysis methods as a basis for the integrated management (sustainable development) of mountain ecosystems.

Publikationsliste dieses Projekts

Tenhunen, JD: Model hierarchies for relating vegetation structure, ecosystem physiology, and plant community distribution to landscape water use in Cernusca, A; Tappeiner,U: ECOMONT : Ecological effects of land-use changes in mountain areas of Europe, Blackwell Wissenschaftsverlag, Berlin, - (1999)
Cernusca, A; Bahn, M; Chemini, C; Graber, W; Siegwolf, R; Tappeiner, U; Tenhunen, JD: ECOMONT: a combined approach of field measurements and process-based modelling for assessing effects of land-use changes in mountain landscapes, Ecological Modelling, 113, 167-178 (1998)
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